How It Works

1. Obtain A Sponsor

in order for a brand to be considered for presentation at a NIDA Meeting, the brand should communicate with a NIDA Member who is willing to sponsor.


2. Complete a New Brand Questionnaire

After a sponsor is secured, complete and submit the New Brand Questionnaire found here. The Presentation Committee will review the questionnaire and contact the Brand with any additional questions.


3. Schedule a Presentation

Once the New Brand Questionnaire has been approved by the Presentation Committee, the brand will be contacted to coordinate a date and time when the opportunity will be given for the Brand to present to the NIDA Membership during one of the 5 regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.


4. Make Payment

30 days prior to the scheduled presentation, the Brand must remit a $2000.00 presentation fee to the NIDA Treasurer.


5. Make The Pitch

Presenters have 1 hour to make presentations. Presentations should be as informative as possible and use of the NIDA projector is included in the fee. Most presenters allocate time for Q&A.


6. Feedback & Follow Up

At the conclusion of the presentation, immediate, real-time feedback including a list of distributors who are interested in the brand will be given. It is then the responsibility of the Brand to contact those individual distributors to conduct further discussions.