New Brand Questionnaire

Please complete and submit the following questionnaire in full.

After the information is reviewed and accepted by the NIDA Presentation Committee, you will be contacted to coordinate a date and time where you will be asked to make a presentation to the NIDA Membership at one of our regularly scheduled meetings.

If the Brand is accepted for presentation, you will be required to remit a $2,000.00 presentation fee. Please remit payments to:

NIDA c/o Dana Distributors
ATTN: Patrick English
52 Hatfield Lane
Goshen, NY, 10924

Payment is due in full prior to the presentation date.

Meetings are scheduled for the following dates in 2023:

February 7 – Miami
April 11 – CT
June 15 – NYC
October 3 – Atlanta
November 14 – NYC

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*Please be advised that by presenting to NIDA and paying the presentation fee in no way constitutes a relationship between the parties. There is no obligation by any member of NIDA to enter into a business relationship with supplier. Supplier agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NIDA and its individual members from any legal action resulting from presenting to NIDA and its members.*